The Floral Noir Collection

I thought it might be fun to put together collections…great pieces of furniture and accessories that look great together for a complete look…it was always hard for me to convey my thought process and inspiration with just one or two pieces of furniture…so…collections sound like a good idea. I’m going to couple them with some outside influences, mainly One Kings Lane, for starters. It’s my dream to have my own store with amazing hand painted furniture and stunning antiques and accessories. I think One Kings Lane will be the perfect “partner” for my online “studio & store” until I have a brick & mortar one.

So, my first collection is Floral Noir…a beautiful set of vintage mid century modern chairs that have been hand painted in an antique white and upholstered in gorgeous black floral fabric and grass green piping. I’ve paired them with stunning Broyhill end tables painted in a rich matte black paint and gold edging…with gold leaf drawer pulls (the round table has a false drawer…but got a pull, nonetheless!).

This set can be broken up and shipped anywhere…

and a close-up of that beautiful fabric (with my Parisian Tray)…

Next up…accessories from One Kings Lane…

Our Sweet Finn

Little Finn is our rescue dog we were so lucky find! If you’re on the fence about getting a rescue dog, I have to say-follow your heart and you’ll find the right dog! I’ll try not to post too many pictures of him…but he’s ssooo cute!

I probably should have posted this awhile ago!

I was thrilled to open Northern Virginia magazine to see my dining room table and upholstered dining chairs (a custom order) in this beautiful spread! So grateful to Jeeun at La Maison Home & Gifts! Thank you!


I’ve been so bad!

I haven’t posted in ages, and I want to show you what I’ve been upto…so I’ll be posting a bunch of projects!






mirror-close-up (here’s a close up of the mirror frame)

finally…the reveal!

lucketts and chairs 041

I’m thrilled with how these chairs turned out! The Annie Sloan Paris Grey paint with clear wax and the Waverly Ballad Bouquet work beautifully with the shape of these chairs. I ended up replacing the cushions as well, so these are actually very comfortable!

lucketts and chairs 040

I have picked up an adorable table I’ll post next week…I’m itching to get painting!

Art Nouveau Chairs

I mentioned I love refinishing furniture, so I wanted to show a picture of 1 of a pair of chairs that I fell in love with. I love the shape of the back, this style is French Art Nouveau with the organic movement of the chair back.



I wasn’t sure which direction to go in with paint and fabric until I saw Waverly Ballad Bouquet with its soft romantic florals. It fits in beautifully with the organic natural shape of the Nouveau period, and in Robin’s Egg (another nod to that period) and, I immediately thought of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Paris Grey and it clicked!


That’s how it happens with me…most of the time I don’t necessarily have a plan, but I live with a piece for a little bit and then inspiration strikes like a lightening bolt!

That’s the background of these chairs…I can’t wait to see the results…I’ll share that with you next week!
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Hello! Welcome to Elle’s Atelier!

I love creating beautiful one-of-a-kind furnishings for the home.  After all, what you surround yourself with creates a comfortable and personalized space that becomes your sanctuary.  Whether it be redesigned vintage or antique furniture or interchangeable home accessories like pillows, trays, framed prints or boxes, I believe that all of these things can reflect your personal style and create a warm, inviting and interesting atmosphere.  This passion started for me years ago when I was decorating my new home and looking at hundreds of fabrics, that really were more like works of art!

I love sharing what I’ve learned as well as exploring exciting designers, different styles and inspirational ideas and furnishings that add to the quality of life.

These are all things I get inspired by and I’m excited to share them with you-

I hope you enjoy them, too!

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